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The Benefits of Ice Rolling

There are a lot of beauty hacks and treatments out there, but we know from firsthand experience that not all of them are effective. One that truly works is ice rolling – and it’s the one at-home skincare treatment you need to try ASAP. Icing your face can do everything from minimizing the appearance of pores to decreasing facial puffiness. Cold therapy and skin icing have been used for years in spas and skincare treatments, and ice rollers make it convenient to reap its cooling benefits.

Skin icing is a cryotherapy treatment where the skin is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. The most basic form of skin icing – and the one we’re all probably used to – is when you use an ice cube to reduce under-eye or facial puffiness. When actual ice is applied to the skin, it soothes and tightens the skin and causes blood to rise to the surface (that’s what gives you that rosy glow). Placing ice cubes on your face isn’t exactly convenient, or mess-free – but that’s where ice rollers come in. Ice rollers can be used on your face, neck and chest to not only deal with skin concerns but also alleviate muscle aches, migraine pain and more.

Ice has long been a secret to clear skin and a healthy-looking glow, and sometimes the simplest tricks are classics for a reason. Ice rolling has a variety of skincare benefits, like:

-Reducing inflammation

-Minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores

-Exfoliating the skin

-Promoting blood circulation

-Improving absorption of skincare products

-Soothing blemishes

-Boosts lymphatic drainage

To prep the skin for an ice facial, cleanse the skin (and your roller!) and apply your skincare routine to help better protect the skin barrier. Wait for the products to fully absorb before you start rolling. Start by rolling your face in sections, like you would with any other facial roller. I like to roll under my eyes and then let the ice roller sit stationary for a few seconds for extra de-puffing. Do this until you feel the temperature of the ice roller start to cool down. You can do this in the AM and PM! Keep your roller in the freezer for an extra cooling experience.

Is ice rolling a part of your skincare routine? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!