The Guide to a Chic Athleisure Look

If there’s one trend I think most of us can agree on over the last decade, it’s the rise of athleisure. I mean, who doesn’t love the excuse to wear leggings all day and call it chic, right? Of course there are chic ways to do athleisure and not-chic ways to wear it, and while I’m guilty of both depending on the day of the week, I do understand the steps behind building something IG-worthy.

For those days when you want to head from a workout class (eventually) to a breakfast meeting or be socially acceptable in public, it’s all about elevating your athleisure. With that, I give you The Chic Guide to Athleisure. Follow these steps…

STEP ONE: Pulled together bottoms

This isn’t the time to throw on baggy sweatpants or your leggings from college. Think fitted sweats, leggings that are full coverage (you’ll be out in public, remember), or joggers.

STEP TWO: Neutral & basic top

To me, less is always more, and the same goes for this style of look. Keep things neutral for that chic vibe and grab something black, white, gray, nude, etc on top. This can be in the form of a cropped t-shirt, a high-neck or supportive sports bra, a muscle tank, or even a simple long sleeve top. Again, make sure this is a decently nice top in that there aren’t visible matcha stains or whatever.

STEP THREE: Slides or sneakers

Feel like I’m a broken record at this point but hopefully you know by now that you want to only be adding nice looking accessories to your feet for this look. If you are truly heading from a workout, change out of your beat-up sneakers for something clean or trending. Or, if your feet need a break from heat, slides are in style and the perfect option for an effortless athleisure vibe.

STEP FOUR: Lightweight layer to finish the look

No matter what style you’re putting together, I’ve always loved the tip of a third item to ‘finish the look’. So you have your pants and top, but you want a third item that sort of completes the look and ties everything together. It’s a quick tip on taking an otherwise basic outfit to something else! Grab a track pullover, a mesh hoodie, a cropped sweatshirt, or something along those lines. Throw it over your shoulders or around your waist if the weather calls for it, but it’ll still be that third element.


At this point, you’re pretty set, but let me leave you with a couple tips if need be:

  1. Stay monochrome if you’re not sure what to choose. A monochrome look always looks chic, whether it’s athleisure or a work look. When in doubt, go head to toe in the same color scheme.
  2. Store a clean baseball cap if your hair is a hot mess. I do this one often if it’s a day I’m not washing my hair. I have a couple designer or solid baseball caps that are my BFF when I need to head to the store or a meeting after a workout and I don’t have time to deal with my hair. No one has to know what’s hiding underneath.
  3. Sunglasses hide everything. One of the oldest tips in the books, but sunglasses can hide tired or no-makeup eyes in a heartbeat. It’s very Victoria Beckham.

Let me know if you liked this more broken down style guide and I’m happy to cover more outfits!