The Importance of Celebrating Your Small Successes

When we think about self-love, our minds usually go straight to self-care, self-talk, self-compassion, etc. – but self-celebration is just as important. I’m talking about celebrating ourselves for our wins, no matter how big or small they are. This is such a positive way to boost self-esteem and give us a little bit of the loving-kindness we all deserve. Celebrating your small successes is just one way I like to show up for myself. Showing up for yourself can look different to each person, and it might even change over time, but it’s just basically another way of saying loving yourself, honoring yourself and being your own biggest supporter.

We live in a goal-oriented world, and it’s easy to assume that the only achievements worth celebrating are the big ones, like an engagement, a new job or a promotion. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on us and prevents us from acknowledging all the incredible things we achieve every day. Making a conscious effort to celebrate yourself in everything you do, no matter how small, is the ultimate form of self-care! Whether you’re completing a workout, cooking a new recipe or even just giving yourself time and space to rest.

So how can we self-celebrate? Here are a few things I like to do:

-Use a mantra or repeat a daily affirmation

-Reward myself

-Tell someone

-Journal (I like to do this every morning and every night!)

How do you like to celebrate your small successes? I’d love to hear!