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The Oil That Changed My Skin

I had Dana Omari of Noy Skincare on a recent podcast episode to talk about all things skincare. After trying her Seabuckthorn Oil Reset that’s taking over TikTok, I had to have her on to learn about all the skincare practices she’s known for; oil cleansing, facial reflexology, skin taping, etc. Her Seabuckthorn Oil literally changed my skin! This is not sponsored in any way, I was just so blown away by my results and had to share why I love it so much because it might help someone else struggling with acne or other skin concerns.

In case you missed my recent TikTok, I had been struggling with acne for months and had no idea what was causing it. I had never really struggled with acne before, so I tried every treatment and product under the sun and nothing helped. If anything, the products I was using were only making my acne worse. So, in a moment of desperation, I ordered the Seabuckthorn Oil from Noy Skincare. I did the 10-day reset where I only used the oil for ten days, morning and night. The results… you guys! I am shook!! Not only did my acne completely go away, but it left me with the most stunning glowing complexion. I swear, my skin has never looked better!

I have oily skin to begin with, so I was a little worried what would happen after dousing my face with oil. I’ve always been told by doctors and dermatologists to stay away from oil, but after talking to Dana, oil is an all-natural cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer that can be used for all skin types. Her reset brings skin back to its natural functioning state, and can help with not only acne, but wrinkles and so much more. She even shared this video on exactly how to use her Seabuckthorn Oil.

I had been following Dana for years, and was so happy to have her on the podcast. We chat about getting good skin from the inside out and how to get skin like hers without Botox or fillers. She also opened up about her cancer diagnosis and what she’s learned from the experience about following one’s own intuition. Listen to the full episode here for more about Dana and her skincare journey.