The Reality of Manifestation

I think a lot of people hear the word “manifestation” and if it’s not a certain subset of the population that’s into wellness and spirituality, they check out. I feel like I haven’t seen a word in recent times that is so polarizing – but I get it. Manifestation is more than just asking for something and the universe magically and instantly dropping it in your lap. From a scientific point of view, manifestation is basically the laws of attraction. I talked about the reality of manifestation vs. what people imagine when they hear the word with Dr. Deepika Chopra (aka the “Optimism Doctor”) on The Blonde Files Podcast. Definitely go check it out if you haven’t already!

Manifestation is a powerful and effective tool when used correctly. It all goes back to what you think about. Your brain has a limited attentional capacity, so it can’t think about everything all the time. You can learn how to choose and intentionally put into your brain what you think about. It’s a lifestyle shift that takes hard work and mental training but it can be done! The more you’re able to do that, the more you’re able to choose what you think about. Our brains love being correct, so the more our brains think about something, the more we’re seeking it out from the world to keep getting, to keep proving correct. Just think of confirmation bias!

Here is the illustrated example Dr. Chopra gave in her episode of how this all works: if you get a new car, all of a sudden everyone you see on the freeway has the same car you have. They were always there but you just never noticed them; your brain is now attuned to that specific car and model, and even color, and you’ll start seeing it everywhere.

The reality of manifestation is that there are two parts. In addition to your thoughts, manifestation also requires action. Think about it this way: the universe can’t drive a parked car! You have to take the actions to support whatever it is that you want to happen. This is the idea of accepting responsibility for the things that go well and also the things that don’t go so well. When it comes to manifestation, action is so important because it takes steps; whatever you’re manifesting won’t just drop into your lap. I think this is where people start to get frustrated because they’re sort of promised or in some way think it’s going to drop into their lap if they just thought about it.

I say thank goodness manifestation takes action! The results are things YOU created, and I think we often forget that and become so focused on the want of it. It’s just as important to take the time, space and energy to celebrate yourself and all the work that you do – both the small and big wins.

Has this changed your perspective on manifestation? I’d love to hear your thoughts!