Vegan Lemon Ricotta Pasta

This recipe is one of my favorite summer dishes. It only takes ten minutes and it’s really easy to customize. I didn’t measure anything so these are just approximations but you really can’t mess this up!⁣ Here’s a reel on exactly how I made it.


+ Pasta of choice ⁣
+ Ricotta (I used Kite Hill)
+ 2 cloves garlic ⁣
+ 2 cups spinach ⁣
+ Olive oil⁣
+ Salt and pepper⁣
+ Lemon⁣


1. Cook pasta until al dente, then toss with a little olive oil so it doesn’t get sticky⁣.
2. Reserve about 1 cup pasta water⁣
3. Sauté spinach and chopped garlic over olive oil. Then add the pasta water and ricotta and simmer, stirring to make it creamy.
4. Add pasta and toss.
5. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.