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Vegan Pesto

I like to put pesto on EVERYTHING but *most* contain lots of garlic and parmesan, so of course I had to make a low FODMAP dairy free version! I’ve been loving it on cold pasta or spaghetti squash with some vegan ricotta.
TBH I didn’t meticulously measure everything but this is more or less what I’ve been doing:⁣


+ 2 cups fresh basil ⁣
+ 1/2 cup pine nuts ⁣
+ 1/3 cup garlic infused olive oil ⁣
+ Sea salt
+ *Optional: nutritional yeast to give it a cheesy flavor but you can also just sprinkle on whatever you’re eating!⁣


1. Wash and dry basil

2. Add everything to a food processor or good blender and mix until smooth.

3. Add salt to taste at the end.