What I Learned About French Women & Their Relationship with Food

Why does it seem as though French women can eat whatever they want without gaining weight? Of course, I’m generalizing here but you know what I mean. The French diet consists of a lot of carbs, cheese, butter and pastries. While in Paris, I saw a lot of women having croissants for breakfast and eating bread with dinner, yet they were thin as a board. So what was it… genetics, cigarettes, something in the water? If you’re like me and have tried every kind of diet under the sun, you’re probably wondering what gives? Why is it that French women don’t even have to try? They effortlessly eat whatever their heart desires, or so it seems. Well, after traveling solo, I learned a few things about the French way of life that I want to implement in my day to day. So, here’s what I learned about French women and their relationship with food…

They don’t obsess over food

First of all, French women do not obsess over what they eat. If they’re craving chocolate, they’ll allow themselves a sweet treat. If they want a pastry for breakfast, they’ll gladly have one with their morning espresso. The aren’t concerned about the calories or carb count. They simply eat until they’re satisfied and get on with their day.

They don’t diet

Believe it or not, most French women don’t diet. They don’t restrict themselves, count calories or macros, and they certainly don’t eat a fat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free life! Sounds crazy, right. Well, not being on a diet is actually incredibly liberating. Most of the time when I travel, I lose weight (I know, so annoying), but I think it’s because I let go of that sense of control and just do what feels best in the moment. If I’m craving something savory, then I’ll have a pasta dish. If I’m needing some vegetables in my life, then I’ll have a salad. I’m really just more in tune with my body and what it needs.

They aren’t afraid of gaining weight

Tony Robbins says, “energy flows where attention goes.” So, if you’re constantly afraid of gaining weight, chances are, you’re going to gain weight. Everything is energy, including our thoughts. Someone who has positive thoughts vibrates at a much higher frequency than someone who is constantly in a state of fear, anger or jealousy. If you’re constantly in a low vibrational frequency, it’s harder to manifest positive things in your life. Call it the law of attraction, but like attracts like. If you look at French women, they don’t really care if they gain weight. They know they’ll lose it if they want, but continue to have positive thoughts about not only their body, but about the food they eat as well.

They think positively about food

Since French women aren’t afraid of the foods they eat – meaning they don’t think they’ll gain five pounds if they eat one cookie – they have a much more positive mindset when it comes to their relationship with food. They know they’re nourishing their bodies and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. They slow down to truly appreciate the art and attention to detail that goes into making a delicious meal. What they don’t do is shove something in their mouth as they rush to a meeting or wonder how many net carbs are in their protein shakes. Ultimately, mindset is everything and the way you think about the foods you eat makes all the difference.