What Is Lymphatic Drainage & How You Can Do It at Home

Even if you’ve never heard of lymphatic drainage, you’ve probably heard of dry brushing. It goes hand in hand! Dry brushing is a massage technique that helps stimulate the lymphatic system. It moves the lymph (a clear fluid that moves through your body’s tissues and arteries to clean them before draining through the lymphatic system) to the lymph nodes (which is mostly located in your neck, armpits and groin). The point of dry brushing is to speed up the process of removing the accumulated fluids between the cells and the breakdown of residues by directing them to the capillary vessels to eliminate them.

I love the benefits of lymphatic drainage, so dry brushing is something I like to incorporate into my beauty routine twice a week. The main benefit is that it transports and removes stagnant fluid – but it also:

-Stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration

-Directs and increases lymphatic flow (which speeds up the removal of excess fluids between cells)

-Reduces swelling and water retention

-Energizes the body

-Improves the immune system by eliminating toxins from the body

-Promotes body and mental relaxation

-Minimizes the appearance of cellulite

-Provides an overall lightness helps the body look more contoured

-Helps with digestive issues

Since we’re in quarantine and spa appointments have turned into at-home DIYs, I wanted to share my at-home lymphatic drainage routine! It’s easy once you prep and get the right tools. All you need is a dry brush or a lymphatic drainage tool and oil (I like jojoba oil) to help the brush slide over your skin. I like to dry brush pre-shower to trigger the lymph to start draining and then again post-shower to continue stimulating circulation and moving the lymph.

After applying oil, start at your ankles and work your way up the legs in a gentle circular motion. The goal of moving in an upward direction is to move the lymph toward your heart so your body can properly flush out the fluids and toxins. It should feel a little rough – but you shouldn’t be pressing hard enough to bruise yourself. Then, start moving up your body in the same circular motion. So up to your arms starting from your wrists and moving up to your shoulders. Finish by brushing down your torso to eliminate any extra fluids and toxins in the body. You’ll immediately start to feel internally energized and see an increase in circulation by the way your skin starts to flush pink.

Have you tried lymphatic drainage? I’d love to know what you think!