What It Means To Make Micro Changes For Macro Joy

Last month on The Blonde Files Podcast, I talked with Kelsey J. Patel, renowned reiki master, yoga instructor, author and meditation teacher specializing in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), about how to make micro changes for macro joy. More specifically, we discussed how energetic and scientific modalities for healing can coexist; burnout and how to stop undervaluing ourselves; confronting perfectionism; how to know if physical symptoms are manifestations of trapped energy; practical tips for living consciously with technology instead of letting it control us; and so much more. If you missed this episode on TBF Podcast, definitely give it a listen here and check out January’s roundup of podcast lessons!

I tend to be pretty scientifically minded and gravitate toward things that are black and white; I usually tune out when I hear phrases like “energy work” or “spirit guide.” But my conversation with Kelsey shifted my perspective and she helped me understand how scientific healing and energy healing can coexist. To be totally honest, I felt like a weight lifted after we recorded this episode. From her guiding me through my perfectionism to our conversation about trauma (we both lost friends to murder), I was able to process and work through things that I normally bottle up. So I wanted to highlight a few key points from my conversation with Kelsey right here on the blog!

When it comes to burnout and being overwhelmed, it often has nothing to do with the tasks but your mental attitude toward them. The key here is to be willing to watch yourself with radical honesty, love and acceptance, and remember that you are not doing it alone. The minute we believe we are on our own means our control has hijacked us; surrender no longer becomes an option even though it’s still available. Then those guards that you just put up block your divine flow and you end up exhausting yourself on a never-ending hamster wheel that *you* pulled out and *you* got on. Remember that you have the same power to slow down the wheel with love, step off of it, put it in storage and start accepting flow.

Having complete and total control is an illusion โ€“ but one thing we actually do have is choice. When the ego tries to control the healing process, you’re going to get resistance, and thoughts and emotions you may have been avoiding *will* come up. Tell your ego to take the backseat and tend to yourself and your needs in the present moment. It’s important to remember that we’re only ONE part of mind, body and spirit. So if you’re not giving yourself permission to actually look at your physical body and you just want to meditate your feelings away, that’s not facing the physical vessel that is the human body. Look at yourself as a whole; you’re a physical body that needs attention, movement, connection and healing as well as an emotional body, where emotions get stored and trapped inside the physical body. Your mind is also in your physical body. If you move the physical body, you move the mental body, and if you move the mental body, you move the energy of the physical body. So you have to let yourself map a big picture of who and what you really are to invite comprehensive healing and change.

When it comes to manifesting change, start small. Take time to nourish your body, examine where in your life you self-sacrifice and set boundaries to take care of yourself. The idea is to take micro breaks for macro joy. Here are a few simple (but effective!) tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

-Turn off *all* notifications on your phone so that when you pick up your phone, you are choosing what gets your attention

-If you’re on Zoom calls all day, play music in the background (when you’re muted) so that it’s not just a sterile, flat energy in your home

-Don’t be afraid of joy movement. Get up and do a few squats, jiggle your body around, shake out your arms โ€“ anything to keep the energy moving!

-Set up an “out of office” email reminder every F-M so you don’t feel obligated to check and reply to your emails (everyone is already receiving a response from you automatically!)

-Put all of your devices on Airplane Mode when you’re engaged in tasks and focused time

What are some ways you like to take micro breaks for macro joy throughout the day? I would love to hear them!