What I Eat In a Day for Balanced Hormones

Robert Yang has been my nutritionist for about seven years – I recently had him on TBF where we talked about gut and hormone health, inflammation, blood sugar and so much more! Whatever I have going on, he’s been able to help me through it. That being said, I trust him and do my best to follow his advice. So, I wanted to share some examples of what I eat in a day for balanced hormones.


Matcha – You guys already know I’m obsessed with my morning matcha! In case you’re wondering, this is my favorite matcha powder.

Protein with 30 minutes of waking up – Per Dr. Yang, my blood sugar in the morning essentially determines my blood sugar in the afternoon, and when I eat sweet in the morning I crave sweets later in the day. So, lately I’ve been trying to eat a high-protein breakfast such as an omelet, scrambled eggs, or my protein packed oatmeal.


For lunch, I’ll usually do something like a salad with protein, a veggie rice bowl or something like my salmon hand rolls. I try to incorporate as much protein as I can to help keep me full and satiated throughout the day.


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with these turkey meatballs. I’ll usually have them with a salad or grilled veggies. They’re also great over some pasta. I’ve also been loving this honey glazed chicken recipe – if you haven’t tried it yet then you don’t know what you’re missing. Again, finding ways to incorporate more protein into my diet has made such a huge difference for me when it comes to balancing my hormones.


I don’t like to restrict myself so I’ll usually always have something sweet, especially at night. From my chewy chocolate granola bar bites to my Snickers dates, I try to opt for healthier alternatives when it comes to dessert.

For more tips from my nutritionist, be sure to check out this episode. We cover how stress affects your health, surprising tips for better digestion, the connection between breakfast, blood sugar, cortisol and your circadian rhythm, social jet lag, using electrolytes to improve health, supplementation, SIBO and so much more.